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Quick Cooling Spray

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Beat the heat this summer!


INSTANT HOT FLASH RELIEF】 You can’t predict when your next hot flash will strike, but you can be prepared with a Quick Cooling Spray. Let it provides instant, targeted, hot flash relief.

EASY TO USE】 Use hot flash relief spray on your face, neck, or chest whenever you feel a hot flash coming to get instant soothing relief.

REDUCE AIR TEMPERATURE】: It can effectively reduce the temperature of dry and hot air, and quickly cool the temperature of the indoor, car, and other closed spaces or the surface layer of touching items such as car seats.

POWERFUL YET GENTLE INGREDIENTS】 Don’t just cool down. Protect and nourish your skin too. Our cooling hot flash spray’s proven 3-in-1 formula contains Glycerin to provide you with a burst of moisture.

SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES】Suitable for every skin type – dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, sensitive skin & mature skin.

MORE ADAPTATION SCENARIOUS】Sports sweating cooling, exposure to the sun cushion cooling, rapid cooling in the car, etc., for shopping, outdoor, play, commuting, fitness, etc.

How to use it in the car:

  1. Spray on the seat
  2. Turn on the air conditioner
  3. Ten seconds cool down

Fragrance: mint

Capacity: 100ml

Ingredients: Glycerin, Peppermint

Shelf life: 3 years

Warm Tip:

Dear buyers, due to lighting effects, monitor brightness, manual measurement, etc., there may be slight differences in color and size between the photo and the real object. Sincerely hope you can understand! Thanks!